About Us

Who is Upriver GIS?
Upriver GIS was founded in 2011 to provide GIS services primarily to small and medium sized businesses. The company was founded in an entreprenurial spirit that grew out of the State of Florida's Economic Gardening program. It is our goal to help companies see the benefits of using spatial intelligence in the development of marketing and advertising efforts, influencing real estate decisions, and improving the efficiency of distribution and logistical operations.

What is GIS?
GIS, or geographic information systems, uses the power of information technology to create, visualize, and analyze geographic data. The discipline has developed quickly over the past few decades, primarily serviing the academic and government communities. GIS is gaining greater acceptance in the business community through its ability to help companies better understand their customers and competition based on where they are located.

How can we help your organization?
It is Upriver GIS' goal to serve your company by helping you better understand the environment in which you operate. We have the ability to combine data developed and gathered by your organization with demographic, consumer, and marketing data from 3rd party providers, such as the US Census, GfK, and ESRI, to present a real world picture of your business. These capabilities allow your organization to better understand your customers by better understanding where the come from - in both a physcial and demographic sense.

Who we Are

Clay Smithers, GISP
Founder & Principal
Email: Clay.Smithers@UpriverGIS.com
Office: 904.657.0447

Clay Smithers has worked in Information Technology since 1999 and has focused on the development and implementation of Geographic Information Systems since 2006.

He holds a Masters in Geography from the University of South Florida and a Bachelors in Management and Information Systems from Florida State University.

Clay is active in the geospatial community as a member of URISA, serves as the Secretary of Central Florida GITA, and on the Education Commitee of the National GITA organization.

In his free time, Clay enjoys scuba diving, mountain biking and making his own maps while traveling with his family.